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Computer down

At home so I’m typing this in a nearby coffee shop with great chai, which makes me very very happy. (Can I just say how hard it is to find good chai in this huge city? Just say no to chai in the box.) The only problem is a spotty internet signal, so checking in here feels longer than mass.

I’ve been up to my eyeballs in lady apples and seckel pears at work and the hours are getting longer and harder. More projects on the way when the stars align and the daylight hours don’t feel as though they’re slipping away and I’ll have gotten enough rest for once.


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I once suggested to my erstwhile book club that we should all wear this Reading is Sexy t-shirt from buyolympia.com when we meet. (Maud Newton blogged about it here. Although we’ve disbanded, I’d like to think that each of us still wears the tee from time to time in the club’s spirit.) I was happy to discover recently that the website still provides a happy home to the woman who designed that shirt and another woman named JennyAnn Wheeler who has a series of three fun baking-related t-shirts. Personally, I’m digging the oven mitt one in pink, the oft-misappropriated color quite rightly appropriated. Buy one for your favorite baker.

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Just because it’s homemade, it doesn’t mean it’s good. And I suppose it was about time the backlash to all the cute etsy handcrafted goods surfaced, like this. Rule of Pastry #1: Never form a pile or a smear with anything brown.

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How corny

Click here for a homemade candy corn recipe.

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Say what?

At this point in my life, I don’t absorb as much pop music as I did in my teens—which I’m blissfully ignorantly fine about since the bulk of it is crappity crap—but this lyric caught me off-guard when I was roped in by the melodic hook to listening to Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” this weekend: “Catch me in the kitchen like a Simmons whipping pastry.” What, pray tell, is a Simmons? A quick Google search yields a “Simmons Kitchen & Bath” in central Florida. There’s a Gene Simmons Kiss the Cook (oh god) apron. There’s a writer with the last name Simmons who calls her kitchen a Simmons kitchen. I’d presume it’s like an old KitchenAid or a person, but if you know, please enlighten.

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Gourmet, 68, not dead

Stop by and check out how Gourmet has affected the tastes and lives of its readers here at thankyougourmet.com, or submit your own story.

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I love this list of tips for baking with kids on the epicurious.com website. They are clearly geared toward type-A helicopter perfectionist parents. “I will not settle for a less-than-perfect monster eyeball, missy. Try again.”

Halloween, though, is a great excuse to bake, provided you haven’t already met your sweets quota by stuffing your face full of mini Kit Kats and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups that you bought to hand out. (Do kids in NYC even trick or treat anymore?) Depending on my mood and level of fatigue, I might try Amy Sedaris’ Spirited Pumpkin Pie but made with real pumpkin (not tired at all!), or just make some sugar cookies and punch ’em out with a pumpkin cutter that my sister bought for me last year(zzzzz…hm?). I will, for certain, be baking for my sister, whose birthday is coincidentally Halloween, who also coincidentally loves the combination of chocolate and orange, the quintessential holiday colors. It all fits together so nicely.

Please share with me your Halloween baking plans.

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