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You can sprinkle some powdered sugar on me, but I'm pretty much perfect

Powdered sugar unnecessary. It's pretty much perfect on its own.

Daaaaaaaaaaaamn, this is good. This thought was on loop in my head with each bite last night when we had them for dessert. I will say, though, these take some planning ahead, but they’re well worth the effort. The only substitution I made in the recipe was using regular oranges for the blood oranges. They’re not even in season, nor are they locally available for us Mid-Atlantic East Coasters. Them Californians are so lucky with their volcanic soil, hot days, and cool nights. Sigh.

rhubarb jam, photo by bf

rhubarb jam, photo by bf

So according to the recipe, you first make a rhubarb jam/compote, then the brown butter crust, pre-bake that, then make a brown butter filling. Then you assemble these three parts together and shove it back in the oven for about half an hour.

Cooling on the windowsill, it attracted a lot of sweet-toothed animals

Cooling on the windowsill, it attracted many a sweet-toothed animal

While I was breaking down the brown butter in the flour and powdered sugar mixture with my hands, I could smell the nutty-ness and the caramel from the brown butter wafting up to my nose. Not too far away the rhubarb compote was bubbling away and cooking down, and I got an olfactory prelude to the harmonious marriage of all of these ingredients, which presented themselves as equal parts sweet, tangy, and very rich on the tastebuds.

I’ll bet it’s even more fantastic with blood oranges as the recipe suggests. For once I can’t wait for winter.

The recipe is in this book. And it alone is worth the $40. That’s how damn good these are.


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