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Brownie point

There’s little personal space in this town of eight million, and this space includes one’s olfactory senses. In many cases, the olfactory invasion is less than savory: dog doo-doo, a homeless person, cigarette smoke, construction dust plumes. . .I’ll stop here with the stank-y stuff, though I could go on. But here’s a welcome wake-up call, which I get maybe once or twice a week around 8:30, 9, from a Cuban restaurant down the block: the scent of freshly-made brownies, probably cooling in a sheet pan near the back door, wafting its delicious odor into our window. Depending on the day, it’s either brownies, or roast pork or chicken, and while the latter two aren’t entirely offensive smells in the morning, the chocolate-y scent trail reminds me that this city always offers something good with the bad, as trite as that may sound.


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