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Plot potato

One of my fall projects will be an attempt to reverse-engineer a cake my mother bought for my father’s birthday back in spring from a small hybrid Asian-French bakery chain in North Jersey called Gateaux.
My bro-in-law, trying to grab the last piece

My bro-in-law, trying to grab the last piece. Mine!

This is not just any old cake, you see. It’s made of sweet potato, not the orange-y ones often mistaken for yam, but the very sweet and nutty satsumaimo variety, or the type Koreans refer to as “chestnut” sweet potatoes. The cake is very airy and light, and the fluffy buttercream has not-unpleasant small chunks of sweet potato folded into it. Sure, it doesn’t have the drama of a chocolate cake or the fanfare of other special occasion cakes with lots of bells and whistles, but it’s just sweet enough and subtle, and why not use a comforting starch that has a bit of vitamin C in dessert?

This will obviously take some doing. Is there sweet potato flour available for purchase that I can add to the cake or do I mash up some steamed into the cake batter as per this recipe? The cake was also covered with the cake crumbs, and I think I will puree some sweet potato and fold it into plain buttercream. Hrm. Methinks I need to do some more “research,” i.e., some cake eating and putting some hard time, when I can find it,  in the old laboratory.


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