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My mother sometimes visits the bustling Bergenline Avenue shops and buys little cartons of tres leches cake, the treat soaked in three different kinds of milk that’s rich in all senses of the word. She keeps them in the freezer and eats them little by little like a squirrel with its winter stash of acorns.

For her birthday, I thought I’d make her a tres leches cake from this epicurious.com recipe. I cherry-picked only parts of it, namely the cake and the milk syrup cocktail because I was severely limited in time and energy. After Saturday night shifts, I can only guess that I’m experiencing something akin to combat fatigue. And baking is sometimes just simple math: Add here, take away there, limit this, and that equals, alright! A cake fit to serve for an occasion.

Step 1: Sponge Cake

This cake, as sponge cakes go, is really easy to make, but it turned out a little tougher than I would’ve liked, so I suggest going easy when you fold the batter. Next time, I would also add less cinnamon, and sub in a little cardamom.

Being ’tis the season and all, I would’ve really poured on the rum for the syrup, but I omitted it because it’s not baked or cooked off and my four-year-old second cousin would be in attendance. I regretted the omission, however, because again, he ended up running away from his slice without a single bite. I’m just glad he didn’t start crying like he did with the chocolate cake.

Cake, it's time for your syrup bath

The recipe calls for a meringue for icing, but I thought since the condensed milk is already so sweet, I could just whip up some heavy cream, and it made a fine and easy topper for the cake without adding too much other richness or contributing to jawaches.

So I guess that would make it…quatro leches? Or a mouthful tres leches y una crema cake, si.


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