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Last night at Macao Trading Company, we, a group of four who all grew up in the same town in New Jersey, finished off the meal (Portuguese chicken, Chinese prawns, Macanese paella, bok choy–all pretty solid) with two dessert dishes: the flan trio (espresso, caramel, and something herbal I couldn’t place), and the churros and chocolate. When I bit into a churro, it snapped off, and had the consistency of a hearty cracker. I couldn’t remember the last time I had a churro except for the ones I had to make when I trailed at a restaurant in the Upper West Side in November (and that is to say, I didn’t completely trust my first churro dough), so I asked the table for verification.

“Are churros supposed to be this crunchy?”

“No,” said P., “The ones at Great Adventure weren’t.”

Who knew? Great Adventure off Exit 7A is the standard-bearer of proper churro texture. Make with that what you will.


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