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Chic crackers

Chic crackers

Here’s a find from a trip to Murray’s Cheese in the West Village: crackers made with charcoal powder from The Fine Cheese Co., of Bath, England. It’s positioned as a “stylish” alternative to plain ole white crackers (on the other hand, you really can’t call someone a “crackah ass crackah” now, can you?). What would be the fashion equivalent, you ask? This is the Helmut Lang of crackerdom.

It doesn’t especially taste like charcoal, though I wouldn’t know—just buttery with a denser texture than your average water cracker.

Snacktime, tho the cheese monster arrived earlier

The cheese monster arrived early for snacktime

I know it was hard for you to stay on-trend cracker-wise the last time you threw a party (tsk tsk), but now you have no excuses.


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