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Yes, it was an impulse buy

Yes, it was an impulse buy

I had a strange craving this past week for banana bread (Amish Friendship Bread unrealized?), and all the bananas available at the market had that fresh green yellow hue so I was S.O.L. Little did I know, I had other means of scratching this itch, because I walked into Bierkraft in Brooklyn and saw this guy staring right at me. This is normally the type of beer that my purist-beer-appreciator bf would poo-poo. But he ain’t here! Mmmmuuwuuhaha.

I will tell you that it had a very fragrant banana scent that cupped my nose as I took my first sips. But then the scent kinda disappeared into the ether half-way down the mug. And it’s really no substitute for the whole banana bread experience, as in comforting banana-y satiety, but I half-knew that I was buying/buying into a gimmick. As I drained the mug (alone…while watching “In Treatment”… yes, please refer to my blog title), I heard my bf say in my head, “That serves you right.”


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