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Going Dutch

Skyline of Brooklyn from Governor's Island

Skyline of Brooklyn from Governors Island

I saw this view from Governors Island last Saturday and thought, “Hey, Manhattan looks weird!” Little did I know, it was Brooklyn! That’s what a little day trip to Governors Island can do—give you a whole new perspective of this blessed city…and Staten Island…and Jersey…and Papua New Guinea. Yes, you can see that far.

So as part of the New Island Festival on Governors Island (which is over, folks, sorry—you literally missed the boat. But you can read about the history of how it all came to pass here.), there were a lot of Dutch set-ups and kiosks, neat design pop-ups, all things orange, and art exhibits scattered over the isle. There were kids a-crawl over the “I Amsterdam” blocks near the southern end. There were, regrettably, only Heineken and Amstel Light available for quaffing. There were hammocks (ahhh..). And, to keep this post relevant, a little cart where you can griddle your own baby Dutch pancakes, called poffertjes. I did not make that spelling up. See?


So you got your big iron griddle and you go to town, but only after you pay $5 for the privilege, as my friend H. demonstrated.

Squirting pancake mix

Squirting pancake mix..

Flip, flip, flip

...then, flip, flip, flip...

Brown on both sides

...brown on both sides...



There was a table nearby with fixings in the form of butter and powdered sugar, but to get to the fixins, you had to go through a gauntlet of wasps that had set up a little military facility, mimicking the American forces of 1776, forcing us to play the British. It was a very meta scenario. The bf was able to perform some expert dodging, however, and the airy, sweetened pancakes provided a good snack for some mediocre-beer sipping.

Here’s a link to some more poffertjes fun.


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