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Not too many of my friends were married in our 20’s, but that’s about to change soon, if it hasn’t already been changing. After discussing weddings of mutual friends and acquaintances, I asked N. what flavors she would want for her wedding cake, which I’ve informally signed on to make, and she said rhubarb—she loves the tartness of it.  It’s a bit of a challenge, though, to make anything rhubarb taste good and fresh if the wedding is not in the spring/early summer. But rhubarb the bride wants, rhubarb she gets! (I’d better freeze some now.) Methinks it’ll be a moist sponge cake with rhubarb-infused curd. I will maybe also make a syrup or liqueur infused with strawberries and rhubarb, and add that to the buttercream.

She then asked what flavor cake I would have, and I was stumped. What flavor cake would best represent you, and your union with your other? Chocolate, however efficient a crowd-pleaser, is overdone, no? Seasonality, too, is important—coconut-pineapple just wouldn’t work in the fall.

We once had an exercise in school making chocolate bonbons that best represent you and your personality. I made a ganache with chestnut and Cognac enrobed in dark chocolate. Sure, it was good, but now that I think back, I would make something completely different, like super strong and spicy ginger ganache, or persimmon-something. Cognac??! What was I thinking? I don’t own a pipe or a smoking jacket or a home with a library.

Ok, your dream wedding cake flavors…Go! (I won’t tell your bfs.)


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