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To celebrate the reopening in Chelsea Market. Very exciting!


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You probably saw this hilarious Daniel Craig popsicle already, but if you haven’t, take a look at the detail. They’ve even got the floppy ears spot-on.

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Love the name and can’t wait. Plus, bacon topping!

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You will want this today or tomorrow

Chocolate + Gianduja

I had subsisted on soup all last week, so it was a real treat to get pizza and gelato one night. I’ve tried the Grom (overrated) and the Cones (pretty good), and I do love the Il Laboratorio del Gelato, but in my humble opinion, there is something so much more satisfying about L’Arte del Gelato. It’s super smooth, like eating silk. The sugar cone, too, is different—it has a deeper caramel taste than other sugar cones, and the texture was right smack in the middle between sugar and the wafer cone, so it’s neither too densely crunchy nor like chewing on packing peanuts. My only beef last week, though, was whoever scooped mine didn’t pack it in enough. I live only for the last bite of the cone, like a dessert’s dessert, with the half-melted, half-solid soup of milky goodness—the only soup at that point I was looking forward to. Can’t win ’em all.

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Um, hello Summer. I’ve been looking for Spring. Have you seen her today? Oh, she’ll be back Wednesday…Mmmkay. ‘Til then, I’ll have to fight the urge to stick everything sweet and frozen in my face, you say? Well, no can do. You see, this weather has reminded me that I’m suffering a long bout of post-vacation blues (ask my boyfriend about my ukelele playing), which began late March after I returned from the compact, lush isle of Kauai, Hawaii, where I had this:

Shaved Ice from Wishing Well Shave Ice Truck in Hanalei

Shave Ice from Wishing Well Shave Ice Truck in Hanalei; no, I'm not giving you the finger.

Yes, as per the photo it was pleasantly streaked with Highlighter-fluid-colored, unnaturally-flavored fruit syrup, and nestled in a very un-“green” styrofoam cup, but it was lined with rich, creamy macadamia nut ice cream on the bottom, the ice was finely ground, and it quenched my thirst and quelled my sweet tooth all at once. And that’s its main benefit. Because if you get a Shake Shack custard or simple ice cream, as good as they may be,  the sweetness leaves a residue and it can leave you thirsty. Get a Slurpee or Jamba Juice and you just had your daily caloric intake in a cup the size of a bucket that’ll run right through you. Not that shave ice isn’t calorically unendowed, but this is the right combination that’ll leave you cool and sated, at least until dinner.

I’m not waiting for Spring to come back (and it’s too late anyhow, we already bought a watermelon yesterday from Whole Foods, as though it were July!). Off to Koryodang, a Korean/French bakery on 32nd Street. They have a busier, East Asian version of shave ice with the ice on the bottom, and the accessories—canned and/or fresh fruit, red bean paste, mochi—on top, neatly circling the mound of ice cream in the center. It won’t transport me to Hawaii, but it will remind me of that one childhood summer when my mom brought home an ice grinder and my sister and I went buck wild until the blade was no longer sharp, and sometimes slurped red bean ice-water soup because we couldn’t eat it fast enough (brain freeze!). And I’m going to walk there, from SoHo, in this heat, because the reward will be that much greater.

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