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To celebrate the reopening in Chelsea Market. Very exciting!


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You will want this today or tomorrow

Chocolate + Gianduja

I had subsisted on soup all last week, so it was a real treat to get pizza and gelato one night. I’ve tried the Grom (overrated) and the Cones (pretty good), and I do love the Il Laboratorio del Gelato, but in my humble opinion, there is something so much more satisfying about L’Arte del Gelato. It’s super smooth, like eating silk. The sugar cone, too, is different—it has a deeper caramel taste than other sugar cones, and the texture was right smack in the middle between sugar and the wafer cone, so it’s neither too densely crunchy nor like chewing on packing peanuts. My only beef last week, though, was whoever scooped mine didn’t pack it in enough. I live only for the last bite of the cone, like a dessert’s dessert, with the half-melted, half-solid soup of milky goodness—the only soup at that point I was looking forward to. Can’t win ’em all.

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