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Crunchy but not as hippie

a nearly virtuous breakfast

A nearly virtuous breakfast

It’s ridiculously easy and satisfying to make granola. Even if it has two pounds of sugar and oil in it, it makes you feel like you’re doing something to outlive everyone. It’s an ideal summer breakfast, because if you have it with yogurt, it has more heft than cereal in milk, and it’s much more exciting than plain oatmeal, which is definitely too hot for the weather.

My interest was piqued last week when I came across the olive oil granola recipe in the Times from the woman who runs Early Bird Foods. There’s usually some kind of oil in it—I’ve used coconut oil, or a mix of canola and butter, which seems strange in such a seemingly healthy food—but olive oil would truly make it healthy. And there’s a good dose of salt, and I’m a sucker for the mix of salty and sweet.

I varied the ingredients a little bit, using coconut flakes instead of the coconut chips, and put in an unsalted roasted nut mix I had on hand instead of the pumpkin seeds and pistachios. Because these nuts were already roasted, I just chopped them and added them halfway into baking.

Oats and coconut

Oats and coconut flakes

Maple syrup and dried apricots

Maple syrup and dried apricots

The resulting granola was really juicy. I know that’s a strange adjective to employ for granola, but it’s not a bad thing, and it was crunchy, too. It might be that there was a little bit too much liquid mixture and not the right kinds of nuts to absorb them all. It was also a little on the sweet side—there’s 3/4 cup of maple syrup and half a cup of packed light brown sugar, so I might cut either of these down the next time depending on the quantity and types of nuts.

Boatload of granola

Boatload of granola

The sea salt went undetected initially, but I have been tasting more of it as I work to the bottom of the bag. The one teaspoon of it works hard to balance all the sweetness with a slightly salty undercurrent.

I see some good breakfasts and snacking in my future…and yours.


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