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I love this list of tips for baking with kids on the epicurious.com website. They are clearly geared toward type-A helicopter perfectionist parents. “I will not settle for a less-than-perfect monster eyeball, missy. Try again.”

Halloween, though, is a great excuse to bake, provided you haven’t already met your sweets quota by stuffing your face full of mini Kit Kats and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups that you bought to hand out. (Do kids in NYC even trick or treat anymore?) Depending on my mood and level of fatigue, I might try Amy Sedaris’ Spirited Pumpkin Pie but made with real pumpkin (not tired at all!), or just make some sugar cookies and punch ’em out with a pumpkin cutter that my sister bought for me last year(zzzzz…hm?). I will, for certain, be baking for my sister, whose birthday is coincidentally Halloween, who also coincidentally loves the combination of chocolate and orange, the quintessential holiday colors. It all fits together so nicely.

Please share with me your Halloween baking plans.


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