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True to the tagline of this blurg, these three months in the kitchen have been sweet and tough, and it’s been really tough on my feet. When I went to see the podiatrist, he x-rayed them and told me the film shows I have D-size width feet (Oh? Two notches from EEE, really?) plus super-high arches, which make shoe shopping that much harder and ongoing. I’m currently rotating four pairs of shoes, not because they’re all comfortable, but because one pair will hurt a part of me—lower back, arches, hips—less than the other pair at any given time. As if this isn’t a pain in the ass by itself, I just noticed two little knobs (of bone? alien?) sticking out the inner side of my left feet today, right underneath the ankle bone. (‘WTF is THAT???!!!’)


Orthotics would’ve cost $440 with my old insurance, of which I just let go. I’m waiting for my new insurance to kick in, any day now, and then I’ll literally run, albeit with a limp, to the podiatrist. How’s that complicated health care bill coming along, Senate?


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Shoe blues

I’m alive! Okay, I exaggerate. I survived first day of training, and it wasn’t as crazy/hot/insufferable as I expected. If you’ll allow me to kvetch just this once, though: My feet hurt like motherf*ckers. I had even bought theseĀ  super comfortable, slip-proof Sanita clogs to replace my heavy MBTs, which really did nothing for my back, though I’ll admit my back has been hurting since the Iran-Contra affair and no pair of orthopedic shoes will undo this damage.

Anyway, I digress. When I got into bed, I anticipated an immediate black-out because I was pretty whipped from the day, but I tossed and turned for a good hour because I was distracted by my feet. They were throbbing and pumping a rhythmic beat of pain as though each foot had its own broken heart. Et tu, Sanita? I had such high hopes for them, and rightly so—they’re stamped with the seal of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association! This can’t be!

However, a friend who wears Birkis in the kitchen said she likes them, but after being on your feet for 9-10 hours a day, it really doesn’t matter whether you have on the Mercedes of comfort shoes, because your feet will hurt no matter what. I can illustrate this point for you on a graph: Time spent on feet on the x-axis, with pain of feet on the y-axis being directly proportionate in a straight incline. See?

So I’ll either get used to it, or work on starting a collection of shoes for my next career as a shoe hurler. If you seek to cross me, you better hope that I don’t have an MBT in hand—they’re like small boats.

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