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silky, yellow, different

silky, yellow, different

I asked for Jamie Oliver’s The Naked Chef cookbook eons ago for Xmas, but save for a fish recipe or two, I hadn’t used any of the other recipes since I received it (though I’ve tried his Christmas bombe recipe I once watched him make on TV, and it knocked my socks off). I finally put the dessert pages to good use this weekend—the book made that crackling sound when I opened it to the back—and I’m happy to report that his lemon and lime cream tart (p.217), adapted into bars, turned out citrusy and refreshing. 

lemons and limes, soon to be put to work

lemons and limes at rest; soon to be put to work

For the crust, I made a boatload of pate sucree, or short crust pastry, rolled it out, and fitted it into a 13 x 9 x 2 pan for blind-baking. I took a fork and docked it, too, for good measure, because I’ve made this mistake before when making plain lemon bars. If you don’t blind-bake or dock, the crust bubbles up unattractively into the filling, and you have the unsavory thou-protest-too-much task of telling your friends, “…but it still tastes good.” 

looks like a maze puzzle; start from upper left corner

you can enter this maze from the upper left corner

As far as the filling is concerned, I highly recommend what Chef Oliver recommends: Add the zest of four limes into the mixture. While it tasted great and was certainly lemony enough, I didn’t do this step and hence didn’t get enough of the limey kick-in-the-pants. Which is strange, because there’s almost double the amount of lime juice than lemon juice in the recipe. Ah, so it is. 

The heavy cream is the surprise ingredient here. It makes the filling smoother and fluffier than a regular lemon bar, and not just custard-y. The filling seems so creamy that it may require a fork or spoon to help you gobble it up. 

Recipe here. ‘Tis the season for a dessert with a zing, so go to town.


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