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Candy you can fluff

Maple cotton candy

I don’t easily go apesh*t over things, but I pretty much went apesh*t today when I saw a maple syrup stand at the Greenmarket in Union Square decorated with bags of fluff all over. “Wait a minute….HOLD EVERYTHING!” I said to no one in particular. Upon inspection, the signs confirmed my dreams come true: maple cotton candy.

Now I lay me down to eat

And it’s exactly as advertised—a tight network of airy, light strands that dissolve the millisecond it hits your tongue, leaving a trace of the caramel-y maple flavor. I asked the nice man at the Wood Homestead stand if they were a recent introduction, and he said they’ve been selling them for about four weeks or so, but I neglected to ask if they will be around for awhile. Get some ($4/bag) while the going’s good.


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