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From the Fancy Food Show. There are no limits to what forms marzipan can take. 

Marzipan hot dogs, sammies, buns and challah(?)

Hot dogs, sammies, cinnamon buns and challah(?)

 These are available at Bergen Marzipan.


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Like many people, I often wonder what the heck I’m supposed to do with the rest of my life and find myself thinking back wistfully to the day we made marzipan fruit in school.

Marzipan fruit with nougatine basket

Marzipan goodies in a nougatine basket

I’ve seen them around at old-school chocolate shops, but I didn’t know people actually ate these until my friend J. told me her mother, a chic French lady, used to buy them regularly to eat. I always thought they were just for decoration. Silly me.

lime (left), apple (center), and peach (back)

lime (left), apple (center), and peach (back)

I got consumed making these. I found myself obsessed with getting all the curvature of the fruit right. Once they were spray-painted, however, they lost their magic—you spend all that time trying to get them to look realistic, but the spray paint is hard to control, so the color ends up making them look fake. I liked them bare.

this little figgy went to market

this little figgy went to market

So, just putting this out there: If by any chance you’re looking to employ people to make marzipan fruit for a living, I will happily apply.


Related, a day or two later, we found these delightful creatures hanging out in the room, made by another class. Very creative—look at the skulls!




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