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It’s tough times for the dairy farmer, both organic and conventional across the states, though you couldn’t tell from the bustling Ronnybrook Farm stand at the Union Square Farmers Market.  My heart broke when I read there’s a rise in suicides among them and this from an LA Times article:

Some farmers now are thinking of doing the unthinkable — dumping their milk as part of a national protest next week. “If they are not going to allow us to make a living, we will just dump it down the drain,” said Arie DeJong, who owns several dairies and 20,000 cows in California and Arizona. “We just can’t keep losing money like this.”

Luis Bettencourt, an Idaho farmer who owns one of the biggest dairy companies in the nation, is considering dumping two days’ worth of milk production — about 8 million pounds.

What a terrible waste. What about starving, calcium-deprived children whose bodies won’t ever know the happiness of having a glut of milk and/or cookies? How about a good ‘ol fashioned protest with pickets??


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There’s a terrible dearth of baking going on in my kitchen—a good reason, and not just the heat (which is a bad excuse anyway, having worked in professional kitchens), is that a new dishwasher arrived, and our woefully slow-to-respond super has been true to his defining characteristic (that is to say, slow as molasses in January) on having it installed. So it’s taking up 65% of the kitchen. No real room to clang pots/whisk/open oven/dance comfortably. Plus I’m trying to get my deadbeat arse a paying gig, so I’m spending the day writing pitches that hopefully won’t fall through the cracks.

But I will leave you with the DailyCandy Deals post. Usually I pass up its rampant calls for consumption, but today’s page grabbed my attention. I used to take sips of Manhattan Milk at the restaurant/bakery where I used to intern, and it’s darned tasty milk. The 1% tastes close to full-fat, and the full-fat might as well be drinking butter (ok, no, but it’s really good). They deliver anywhere in NYC, and ladies, word has it the milkman is hot.

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