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A “German Day” pub crawl took place Saturday. It was arranged by a friend who clearly didn’t foresee that we would suffer a great collective katzenjammer(n., hangover) after. Sunday was interesting for everyone.


The itinerary began with Zum Schneider in Alphabet City at 1:30, to be followed by Loreley in Soho/LES area at 3:00, then Lederhosen in the West Village at who-knows-what-time. I brought my camera to the chagrin of our now-remorseful pub crawlers, but I’ll just highlight the yummy pastry-related goods many may not remember sampling.

Apfelkuchle, or apple fritters made in beer batter

Apfelkuchle, or apple fritters made with beer batter

Vanilla sauce, vanilla ice cream, powdered sugar—delicious. My only complaint: not enough apfels!

Loreley pretzels with mustard

Loreley pretzels with mustard

I go weak-kneed for these pretzels. They always arrive piping hot out of the oven, served with hearty mustard. They’re doughy and soft on the inside, taut and salty on the outside. If all the pretzel carts in NYC had these, midtown would actually be exciting.

I’ve had the apple strudel at Loreley, too, and they do it right. Apples are sweet enough, flaky strudel layers, and plenty of vanilla sauce pooling the goods. Sorry, no photo.

Er, that’s about all the legal photos I can post here. There’s talk of more “(Insert a country here) Day,” (France, Japan, maybe Liechtenstein?) but I think we need a Buddhist day first: How about some meditation and fasting and yoga to undo this one, friends?


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