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Just do it

That’s what we were told yesterday at the offices of the Small Business Administration. The meeting confused me more than anything else, but, baby steps. Do you have a dream, too? Set up a meeting here, and just blurt out all your thoughts.

More posts once I find some kitchen inspiration. Weather, you’re not helping.


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In an interview about a week and a half ago with Lev Ekster, the founder of Cupcake Stop, he said it had taken him six months(!) from when he decided he wanted to start a cupcake truck to getting it up and running. Yup, you read that right: six(!!) months(!!!).

So, what have I accomplished in that time span? Oh. Hmm. Well, it seems I’ve just been, er, punching out stories when and wherever I can get them, and….chasing freelance checks that never end up in my mailbox, and um,  baking and starting this humble platform… and recipe-testing to start up a small biz operation. Ok, so I’ve been fairly active. Compared to this guy, though, I’ve been sitting on my hands and lolling about like a Williamsburg trust fund kid. Not to mention the fact that mobile food vendor licenses are IMPOSSIBLE to get on this blessed isle, unless you’re a war vet. In fact, there’s a freeze on them right now, but this guy hit the streets and beat the odds, after going from truck to truck to see if there would be anyone who would rent him their truck and license.

I’m not starting anything on wheels (though I’ve come across a handful of friends and acquaintances in the food biz who do have great ideas for mobile edibles), but as an aspiring entrepreneur, hearing something like this—even as I’m pretty sure I don’t have a head for business—gives me hope, sparks a desire to be more pro-active, and makes me want to grab a copy of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Because It is going to happen. Whatever we’re creating (shh!), It’s going to be awesome. And you’re all invited to the launch party.

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Where did the day go? I’m underemployed and yet have no time for a proper siesta on Cinco de Mayo. I’ve spent most of the day recipe-testing with a friend, trying to hone down some sample flavors for our business idea. It’s been interesting, if sometimes frustrating: one flavor is there, but the texture isn’t, and the other flavor’s texture we like, but we’re not sure of the taste—a constant see-saw. It also appears we’re going to have to go Harold McGee and hit some food chemistry books. But I knew the product wouldn’t magically be perfect all the time, and we’re trying something pretty novel, so we’re going to keep at it with mad-scientist looks in our eyes and pots and vials bubbling away with dry ice-y material. Muuuwhahahaha.

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