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When in Bermuda…

Please, hurricane Bill, be kind

Please, hurricane Bill, be kind to this beaut

From time to time I will post past vacation photos and highlight the food consumed during our stays. This is a coping method, being that I will not be allowed to take a one week vacation for a year, the cruel and unusual norm in this restaurant industry.

When we arrived in Bermuda recently, we asked our innkeeper where we can grab good Bermudian food, as we try to adhere to ol’ travel principle “When in Rome…” for the same reason that we’re puzzled at tourists in New York City who crowd places like that lone Applebee’s on 50th Street. I mean, why go to France and stop in at the Charles De Gaulle airport McDonald’s, right?

The flip-side of this may be a toll on your health. In 2006, when we visited Argentina, we sought the local and well-known parrilladas for the juicy, grass-fed sides of beef. My bf wholeheartedly embraced the gaucho diet and ate steak probably every day (mind you, gauchos really ate meat once every three months) and I’d wake up in the mornings and eye him suspiciously as I’d read in medical articles that heart attacks frequently occur in the AM.

Anyway, back to Bermuda. “There’s really no Bermudian food, really,” the innkeep replied. “It’s just rice and peas and chicken.” She was partly right—there’s plenty of rice and black-eyed peas, but she was definitely wrong about there not being Bermudian food.

Gloria's fish dinner

Gloria's fish dinner

Above, Gloria’s Kitchen served up a fresh, flash-fried fish dinner with crunchy cole slaw. Tasty and filling.

When we stopped in at Black Horse Tavern near the airport, there were virtually no tourists. Here we grabbed some conch curry with rice and vegetables. The veggies were clearly from a frozen mix, and the conch wasn’t local (I asked), but Bermudian food is like “American” food in the sense that it’s a changing amalgam of different cultures from Portuguese to West Indian, and the bounty of export, which accounts for the stratospherically-high prices.

Conch curry at Black Horse Tavern

Conch curry at Black Horse Tavern

We adhered, too, to the strict Dark and Stormy recipe: Goslings Dark Rum tempered with Barritt’s Ginger Beer. As far as ginger beers go, Barritt’s was less than impressive (and not made with actual ginger), but it was the only ginger beer available for purchase. We made note that it wasn’t the best Dark and Stormys we’ve had, but you pay for the ambiance, eh?

Ginger beer, left + Dark and Stormy, right

Ginger beer, left + Dark and Stormy, right


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