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When I checked out Momofuku Bakery and Milk Bar for the first time a couple of months ago, I grew envious of the workers, not because they had a steady job, for one, and also not because the job entails churning out tasty cookies and pies and soft serve (that I wanted so much to hate but ended up enjoying), but because of their uniform. I don’t have a photo of any of them working, but I’ll describe it: an airy, white, short-sleeve shirt with collars that bares the clavicle; a cute, printed scarf that serves as a headband/hat to keep the hair out of the food; and whatever pants they want on the bottom, which in this case meant skinny jeans sans the crack (the other “crack” goes into their pie). [Sigh] So hip!

All other baking/food establishments have women wearing the same ‘ole unflattering thing: checkered pants with too-tight elastics that are really made for boys, a cookie-cutter jacket that never fits right, and a cap that you can never fit all your hair in (then again, I have a lot of hair), but it’s so tight that after a shift during which you sweat—and you do sweat—you come home and all the sebaceous glands on your forehead are clogged.  Add to that the crinkly imprint of an elastic band on your stomach. How’s that for sexy?

So thank you, Chef Tosi, for restoring dignity to female bakers and pastry cooks.


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