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I once suggested to my erstwhile book club that we should all wear this Reading is Sexy t-shirt from buyolympia.com when we meet. (Maud Newton blogged about it here. Although we’ve disbanded, I’d like to think that each of us still wears the tee from time to time in the club’s spirit.) I was happy to discover recently that the website still provides a happy home to the woman who designed that shirt and another woman named JennyAnn Wheeler who has a series of three fun baking-related t-shirts. Personally, I’m digging the oven mitt one in pink, the oft-misappropriated color quite rightly appropriated. Buy one for your favorite baker.


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Sweets you well

Looks good enough to eat

Looks good enough to eat; photo from charlesandmarie.com

I’m in love with these meringue rings available on charlesandmarie.com. They’re not actual meringues, of course. They’re made of silicone. This is a boon to me, because my teeth hurt and mercury fillings start to rattle whenever I chew on one (read: I’m old). So I love this ring on two levels: first the simple, modern design, and also the fact that it’s an inedible representation of something I make all the time and don’t want to eat but signifies an aspect of my life.

I’m going to sit and keep over-thinking this. You can just like it and wear it.

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