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I hadn’t thought of what the June rain spells could do to the berry crops; I just wanted our latitude/longitude coordinates to be un-swapped with London’s. Were they the reason why we haven’t seen any wild strawberries at the market this year? Oh, elusive happiness.

But here‘s a great idea of what to do with this year’s inconsistent strawberries. This recipe doesn’t cut any corners and it takes technique, so I won’t lie to you, it’s going to be a pain in the ass to make. Every time I make classic sponge cake (or buttercream), the kitchen looks like it’s seen the wrath of the Tazmanian Devil. But I’m inspired (i.e., my mouth is watering) by the idea of browned butter, so I’ll report back with results.


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At this point you can probably tell I heart Mark Bittman. What’s not to like about unfussy, tasty food? Like playing up strawberries with something other than Cool Whip but with almond creme anglaise per this recipe. I am crazy enough to spend all day making puff pastry from scratch, but more often than not, I’m happy to let plain, barely-touched seasonal fruit take center stage. It reminds me of reading about the slightly ridicul-a and precious Chez Panisse dessert called “White Peach”: just a ripe, juicy peach served on a plate with a knife. Sometimes you pay $8 a peach to realize that restraint and simplicity are key.

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I sincerely would love to sit here in this still, cramped corner in a small NYC apartment and provide some sort of pastry-related distraction to you, dear, lovely, patient readers. Alas, I have a long list of to-dos, and a tic, itching to check all the boxes off. Whether any of the list items will bring me money in the long run I don’t know for now, but here’s to hoping.

In the meanwhile, I will leave you with this photo hodge-podge.

In season now, strawberries at the farmer’s market. Hellooooo fruit tarts and jam and muddled strawberry-rhubarb cocktails.

At Philips Farm on Saturdays

At Philips Farm on Saturdays

This swan holds half a cup of sugar:

Once, an ugly duckling cup measure

Once, it was an ugly-duckling cup measure

And lastly, a word to the wise: Do not add a cocktail mixer as a substitute for actual liqueur to flavor macaron batter. I learned the hard way this weekend, thinking this below would suffice for cassis. But it was fun, eating macarons like those candy buttons that come stuck on paper.

When life gives you lemons, just eat them off the paper

When life gives you lemons, make like candy buttons

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